Fujitsu fi-6130Z desktop scanner review

The Z-Generation are new additions to Fujitsu’s fi series that aim to bring reliable document processing within reach of the smaller business. Simon Handby finds whether Fujitsu has turned a page.

Setting up

The fi-6130Z comes with an impressive suite of applications that includes TWAIN and ISIS drivers, Kofax VRS, ABBYY FineReader OCR software and Fujitsu's ScandALL Pro scan management application.

The latter is a powerful way to manage and create profiles for single and batch scans, but it's also rather complex. As a result, we had to refer to the manuals for both the scanner and ScandALL when trying to configure the hardware Scan/Stop button to trigger a simple multi-page scan job.

Fujitsu fi-6130Z

It takes several steps to assign actions to events in the ScandALL software.

Using profiles, ScandALL can be configured to support up to 10 different scan presets that can be selected with the hardware Function button. Setting these up initially could be time-consuming, however, and there's no space on the scanner to display the preset assigned to each function, which could be confusing when more than a couple are in use.

Fujitsu also supplies management software for those looking to roll out multiple scanners across an enterprise. This involves installing an admin agent on each scanner's host PC that reports to a central admin server, which is in turn managed by a console application.

Through this powerful tool, administrators can deploy driver updates or settings changes remotely, while in return scanners can flag up errors or the need for consumables.

Fortunately for those wanting to simplify deployment and use, the default installation includes Fujitsu's excellent ScanSnap software. Once launched, this supports one-touch scans along with various simple 'scan to' options.

While not as powerful as ScandALL for advanced requirements, it is much more user-friendly in situations where walk-up users are less experienced.

Fujitsu fi-6130Z

Casual users are likely to find the excellent ScanSnap mode far easier.

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