Top 10 tips to get the most out of Dropbox

While we're talking add-ons, Dropbox has opened up its API to allow developers to create further extras for the service, which are generally available free of charge.

Whilst there's hardly a Dropbox App Store out there at the moment, there are a few tools out there that offer genuinely useful new features. Take MailDrop, a useful add-on that allows you to email files directly to your Dropbox folder. You just put MailDrop in the subject header of the e-mail, and it does the work for you. It's convenient, and easy.

7. Use keyboard shortcuts

These won't be useful to everyone, but if you're looking to zip around Dropbox just a little quicker, then there's a bunch of keyboard shortcuts you can use. You have to enable the shortcuts in your account settings first, though. Full details can be found here.

8. See who's been doing what

If you're sharing a Dropbox account with numerous people, and you need to get an idea of who has been doing what recently, then log into your Dropbox account online, and click on the Events tab. Here, you'll get a list of which files have been amended, and when.

Furthermore, if you want to see which users have been active, then in your Account screen, click on My Computers. Then, you get an activity list of what changes have been made at which machine, when.