Adobe to personalise website experience


Adobe has updated its Web Experience Management (WEM) tool to allow digital content producers and online retailers to personalise content for end-users and create mobile apps without the need for third party development.

Key additions to the Adobe CQ 5.5 web-based software include the Client Context' and 'PhoneGap' tools that allow businesses to personalise content and deliver apps.

Client Context works by deriving a "profile" based on the information provided by a customer and the way in which they interact with a site.

To deliver the best possible personalised experience, a website would have to get users to sign up and provide information such as their gender, interests, location, email, Facebook ID as well as the browsers and devices that they use.

Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product strategy and solution marketing at Adobe demonstrated how a retail site could personalise content for a female user known as Alison Parker'. A homepage of the website was simulated that displayed skiing equipment as she was located in a mountainous area and had listed this as a hobby.

"Users increasingly want a personalised experience that is consistent across devices such a tablet, smartphone and desktop and this is what Adobe is focused on providing." he told IT Pro.

"Many websites already require users to sign-up and provide personal details when they shop for groceries, for example. The system will be completely opt-in so users do not have to provide details, but will benefit from a personalised experience if they do."

Cochrane was also keen to emphasis the importance of integrated PhoneGap tool, which aims to save businesses time and money when it comes to creating apps.

"PhoneGap will allow users to create HTML5-based cross-platform mobile apps as easily as they can create websites. Using the drag-and-drop interface they will be able to incorporate features such as the accelerometer, camera and GPS into the app without the need to go through a long-winded development process."

The CQ 5.5 update will also enhance collaboration between digital content managers and marketers. The software allows users to find, share, comment on, and revise and publish assets regardless of format, which Cochrane added will speed up time to market on digital campaigns.

Adobe CQ 5.5 is available now, with pricing to be confirmed.

Khidr Suleman is the Technical Editor at IT Pro, a role he has fulfilled since March 2012. He is responsible for the reviews section on the site  - so get in touch if you have a product you think might be of interest to the business world. He also covers the hardware and operating systems beats. Prior to joining IT Pro, Khidr worked as a reporter at Incisive Media. He studied law at the University of Reading and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism and Online Writing at PMA Training.