Apple iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion - Top 10 features

2. Passbook (iOS 6)

Passbook will be one of the most useful features for traveling business users and its inclusion in iOS 6 hints that Apple could include NFC technology in the next iPhone.

Passbook will store features, such as boarding passes, movie tickets, and loyalty cards in a digital wallet. The service is time- and location-based, so it will bring up flight information when you reach the airport or your loyalty card details when you enter a coffee shop, for example.

We look forward to this feature as it will help the transition from physical wallets to a digital wallet but we will have to wait and see how many of the features will be available in the UK.

iOS 6 Passbook

1. Maps (iOS 6)

It was inevitable Apple was going to have to release its own mapping software to compete with the hugely popular Google Maps services. Designed from the ground up by Apple, Maps includes navigation from TomTom and features such as Flyover', which provides a photo-realistic overview of major cities.

By tapping a pin on the map, users will get full information about that venue, including phone numbers and addresses.

Maps will allow users to change views by tilting and rotating their device, provide real-time traffic information and offer alternative routes if stuck in traffic. Once Apple's Eyes Free feature rolls out with major car manufacturers, it is likely many iPhone users will be using this service as their primary car navigation.

iOS 6 Maps

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