iStorage diskAshur 3.0 review

A portable hard drive with built in cable and 256-bit encryption makes this device ideal for storing confidential information. Even if file transfer speeds are a tad on the slow side...


The portable HDD is able to fit into the palm of your hand, but don't be fooled by the small dimensions (19mm x 84.5mm x 120mm) or the 175g weight. It's the same size in length as a biro pen, and the drive is small enough to be carried around in a pocket.

Storage spaces ranges from 250GB to 1TB. Our review offered 500GB of storage, which means it will easy cater to the needs of small businesses and also provide enough space for use within larger enterprises.

iStorage diskAshur 3.0 - Size

The small size enables the device to be carried around easily

iStorage keeps the design simple. The tough plastic exterior has been coated in rubberised paint and a simple LED indicator light is at the bottom of the device. It's not quite as rugged as the metallic chassis DT, but it can be handled roughly. There is a small pouch supplied with the device as well, to help protect it when carrying it around.

iStorage diskAshur 3.0 - Cable enclosure

When not in use the USB cable tucks neatly into the side of the device

A particular feature we like is the in-built USB cable, which clips nicely into the side of the chassis when it is not being used.

This is handy as you don't have worry about carrying a cable when traveling. The one small criticism is the 10cm length of it, which means it must be kept close to the PC or laptop it is being attached too. This isn't a problem when you are connecting to devices on a desk, but hooking it up to the back of a mini tower on the floor could be a problem.


With the capacities ranging from 250GB to 1TB, and the portability and hardware protection it offers, the iStorage DatAshur has to be one of the safest 2.5in hard drives on the market.

The device isn't the cheapest, and it is typically double the price of competing devices. Prices start at 139 for 250GB 128-bit encrypted drive. Whereas the same 250GB drive with 256-bit encryption will cost 159.

Prices rise to 159 for the 500GB 256-bit unit and 219 for the 1TB hard drive.


Despite the high price tag, the iStorage diskAshur 3.0 is portable, rugged and easy to use. The inbuilt USB cable is a neat little touch, so you don't have to worry about carrying any cables on the move. The 256-bit hardware encryption is practically impossible to break into and makes up for the slow read/write speeds. If you've got large volume of data which needs to be protected, this is a worthwhile investment.

Power Supply: USB powered Interface: Super Speed USB 3.0 (Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1) Buffer Size: 8MB RPM: 5400 Average seek time: 12 ms Dimensions: 19mm X 84.5mm X 120mm Weight: 175g Warranty: 3 year limited System Requirements: Windows, Mac and Linux

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