Samsung C24B750x monitor review

A 24in monitor with ample connectivity, but which is let down by its lack of flexibility, middling image quality and price.

Picture quality

An area where we expected better was picture quality. The LED display provides a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a touted brightness of 250 cd/m2. We measured a brightness at 164 cd/m2 out-of the-box, rising to a maximum of 225 cd/m2, so it is usable is dimly lit environments.

Contrast ratio was significantly below the 5000:1 touted by Samsung, with our tests returning an average reading of 1500:1. We also found text wasn't as sharp as we've become accustomed too on devices with Retina displays such as the Apple MacBook Pro.

Colour replication was reasonable with a Delta E rating of 4.3. Again this is not able to replicate the 1.4 rating achieved by the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, but the Samsung panel is still able to provide vibrant range of colours and makes it ideal for watching high-definition content.

Design and ports

We can't fault the design of the monitor. Samsung has gone with a two-tone colour scheme - the black bezel is complemented by the white base and back and it does look great.

The C24B750x has wide viewing angles making it suitable for in a multi-monitor setup. It tilts back to just over 30 degrees, but the fixed stand means there is no option for pivoting or adjusting the height which isn't ideal in a business setting.

Samsung C24B750X - Ports

Ports are neatly located on the right hand edge and back of the device

Ports are hidden from view on the base. On the back is an Ethernet, HDMI USB 3 bi-directional and DC power input slots. On the right hand side are 1 x USB 2, 2 x USB 3 connections and a proprietary port to facilitate MHL connectivity.

VGA, DVI and DisplayPort connections have not been built in, but with HDMI and USB connection cables provided, all users will be able to start using the monitor out-of-the-box.


Although we can't fault the design of the C24B750x, we have seen devices with better image quality and adjustability.

Considering it has a retail price of 379.99, the C24B750x isn't cheap. Rival 24in monitors such as the Dell UltraSharp U2412M are available for over 100 less and provide significantly better image quality.

The wireless functionality is limited to Samsung Series 7 laptops and mobile control functionality is simply something we do not envisage being used.


Although the C24B750x looks great and packs a number of ports, the connectivity features feel forced and are unlikely to be used on a regular basis by business users. The middling image quality and high price also make this hard to recommend.

Screen Size: 24in (16:9) WVA (Extended viewing angles) LED Brightness: 250kd/m², Mega Dynamic Contrast level ? DCR (5000:1 static) Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Response time: 5ms Viewing angles: 178°/178 ° Number of colors: 16.7 Million Weight with Stand: 4.1 kg Shipping Weight: 6.5 kg Interfaces: 1 x HDMI, USB Display, 1 x Headphone jack, 5W x 2 speakers Wireless connection to your laptop, USB Station (USB 3.0 (1up/2dn), USB 2.0 (1dn)), Ethernet, Mobile Control Dimensions with stand: 573 x 427 x 233 mm

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