Jaspersoft brings free Hadoop training to IBM's Big Data University

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Open source software vendor Jaspersoft is offering free business intelligence (BI) training for Hadoop through IBM's online education scheme, Big Data University.

The Jaspersoft training is designed to help companies quickly gain the reporting and analytics skills needed to better understand big data and improve business performance, the company said.

Big Data University offers free and paid-for Hadoop and big data training courses.

It was created by IBM to offer a vendor-neutral site that would allow companies to develop the big data skills needed to manage and analyse large and complex data.

Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of technology and alliances at Jaspersoft said: "As an open source company, Jaspersoft understands the importance of helping the Hadoop community and we are delighted to offer free business intelligence training.

"After completing this free Big Data University training, even more people can realise fast insights from their data through our industry-leading suite that provides easy reporting, analytics, and dashboards," he added.

There are more than 33,000 people studying at the Big Data University and, according to IBM, that number is expected to grow.

"With thousands of job openings for data scientists in the United States alone, there has never been a better time for students, startups and IT professionals to enrol," said Leon Katnelson, Big Data University community leader at IBM.

The launch of Jaspersoft's course follows on from research released by the company showing an increase in the uptake of big data solutions.

In a survey of 600 Jaspersoft community members, 62 percent said they had either already deployed a big data solution or planned to in the next 12 months.

Additionally, 40 per cent of those who responded positively said they are deploying big data in the cloud.

Brian Gentile, chief executive of Jaspersoft, said: "From the variety of industries using Big Data to the different use cases identified, it's clear that Big Data adoption is gaining momentum alongside cloud."

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