Apple iOS 6 review - Key business features for the iPad

Facebook integration

If you've got an iPhone or iPad, the chances are you've got a Facebook account. You'll be please to note the popular social networking site has now been integrated into the core of the iOS much like Twitter.

You can choose to sync all your Facebook contacts with Contacts and Calendar apps as well as receive notifications when someone posts on your wall or sends you a friend request. Perhaps the most commonly used feature will be the photo sharing service. This will allow users to upload photos directly from the iPad's camera app straight to Facebook.

Apple iOS - Sharing photos with FB

Apple iOS - Sharing photos with FB

Sharing photos from the Camera app to Facebook is likely to be one of the most commonly used features in iOS 6

Similarly users will also be able post links from Safari to the social networking site and also "like apps" in the App Store.

Do Not Disturb and VIP Mail

If you're always leaving your device on when you're in meetings or presentations, the Do Not Disturb feature could come in handy.

Flicking this on from the Settings menu will mute all alerts and incoming calls (FaceTime calls on the iPad). You can even schedule the setting to be on between specific times such as 3-5pm. It would have been useful if the scheduling feature also allowed you to set the days.

Apple iOS 6 - Do Not Disturb

Apple iOS 6 - Do Not Disturb

You can set your device so it doesn't disturb you during meetings

Meanwhile, VIP Mail allows you to set custom alerts for important contacts such as your manager or significant other. Messages from these contacts are synced across iOS devices.

Safari syncs with iCloud

Safari has been tied with Apple's iCloud storage service. Users can now open iCloud Tabs, which allow you to pick up browsing right where you left off, when you switch between an iPhone and iPad, for example.

Another useful feature for those who only have a Wi-Fi enabled device is the ability of Safari to save web pages into your Reading List. This makes content available even when you are offline - which is great if you want to read and catch up on the news on the way to work.

Apple iOS 6 - Reading list

Apple iOS 6 - Reading list

Content can now be saved to view offline without using third party apps

Redesigned App Store/iTunes apps

Apple has simplified the App Store and iTunes interfaces. The focus is now on images and everything is located in carousels. If you've ever used Netflix, this layout will look familiar.

Apple iOS 6 - iTunes interface

Apple iOS 6 - iTunes interface

The iTunes Store looks much sleeker and easy to navigate

Results are displayed in tabulated form and again it is possible to scroll across to get to the song, app, TV show or movie you want.

Overall, we find iOS 6 to be another step in the right direction for Apple users, and with it being free it is good value for money.IT Pro will be giving you a detailed look at the core features specific to smartphones when we carry out a full review of the iPhone 5.


As expected iOS 6 brings core features to the iPad and with the update being free it's good value. We particualrly like the integration the pairing of Safari with the iCloud and integration of Facebook into the core of iOS. The arrival of Siri is another boost. Maps still need work, but show signs of promise.

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