MozyPro review

This nifty automated backup tool, MozyPro, is aimed at SMBs and supports both OS X and Windows. We love the range of management features and the pay-as-you-go subscription model.

Backing up

Unless you have opted for the Shuttle service, the initial backup can be lengthy. Of course, the amount of time taken to complete the initial backup very much depends on the speed of the internet connection you have.

The files and folders are backed up securely and can back up all files whether they are open or not. The client software uses what it calls "2x Protect" software. This can back up to both an online server as well as an external drive. Data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption prior to upload and data transfers via a 128-bit encrypted SSL connection.

MozyPro screenshot

As an alternative, users can choose 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Mozy stores the uploaded data in SSAE 16- and ISO 27001-certified data centres.

Backups are performed automatically when the user's machine is idle. Also users always have the most recent versions of their files stored in a remote location that can be accessed from any computer. The client supports Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), a set of COM APIs that allows volume backups to be carried out while applications continue to write to the volumes.


Administrators can use a web-based console to set up users as well as perimeters such as the number of server and desktop licences and storage quotas. The web console is a simplified, template-based approach to management and reporting (Enterprise users can use the Mozy Enterprise version, which has more options to configure).

MozyPro screenshot 3

You can also change the allocation of storage between servers and desktop systems within an organisation. Individual encryption keys can be created and revoked from the console for extra security.

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