Judge upholds $1.05bn payout in Apple vs. Samsung saga

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US District Judge Lucy Koh has upheld a court order forcing Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion (665 million) in damages for patent infringement.

Apple had asked the court to reconsider the amount Samsung was ordered to pay, arguing jurors in the original trial were wrong to find the physical appearance of its products were not subject to copyright.

The Cupertino giant also requested the judge overrule the decision that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 1.0 did not infringe a trade dress' patent covering the design of the iPad.

Had Apple been successful, the company would have received increased damages potentially tripling the amount they were originally awarded.

However, the court did grant Apple's claims that Samsung's patent for the transmission of packet data was invalid, although this had no effect on the damages awarded.

Not everything went in Samsung's favour, though.

Both Apple and Samsung were denied a request for a new trial.

Additionally, the South Korean company's allegation that Apple's patent claims were not particular enough in describing the technology they cover was rejected.

While the rulings made by Koh, who is also overseeing another Apple case, put an end to these particular patent battles, neither company has yet won the war.

Both Samsung and Apple can appeal elements of Koh's ruling and other appeals in the case are still ongoing.

The full text of Koh's judgement is available

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