Why tougher doesn’t need to mean harder

Whitepaper from Samsung on rugged devices, with image of workman wearing hardhat working on a tech platform
(Image credit: Samsung)

Have you equipped your frontline workers with the right technology that can unlock their dormant potential?

According to Deskless, frontline workers are estimated to make up 80% of the global workforce. Rugged devices have been used by these workers across a variety of sectors for decades because these handsets allow frontline workers to complete tasks in unbelievably harsh conditions.  

This whitepaper from Samsung talks about how a new generation of rugged devices are emerging. You will learn how frontline workers are particularly impressed with the functionality, power and reliability of these rugged handsets.

The lions share of digital transformation initiatives have largely ignored frontline workers. Empower your frontline workers with an investment in cutting-edge mobile technology that is both functional and rugged.

Download this whitepaper today. 

Provided by  Samsung


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