Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS launches dedicated space business unit

The division will be headed by a former director of Space Force Planning at the US Space Force
1 Jul 2020
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS launches Amazon Honeycode for code-free app building

New service can help businesses build mobile and web apps without coding or developers
25 Jun 2020
data breaches

Niche dating apps expose almost 1TB of user data

Sensitive material, including images and voice recordings, has been exposed due to a misconfigured AWS S3 bucket
16 Jun 2020
big data analytics

How AWS took over sports

From one Englishman’s obsession with the NFL to a global machine learning sports empire
16 Apr 2020
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS launches Amazon Detective for investigating security incidents

Service automates "burdensome" data gathering for effective security investigations
1 Apr 2020
cloud computing

Six Nations broadcasts to get AWS machine learning stats

Conversion success predictions, heatmaps and tackle insights brought to screen with SageMaker
22 Jan 2020
cloud computing

Microsoft has an edge on AWS, according to IT executives

Goldman Sachs survey suggests IT executives see Microsoft winning the cloud wars over the next three years
8 Jan 2020
AWS sign
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Open-source rivals considered suing Amazon over "strip mining"

The battle between Elastic and AWS reveals a wider concern about Amazon's impact on the open-source software industry
16 Dec 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS ramps up SageMaker tools at Re:Invent

Cloud giant loads more capabilities into its machine learning hub with AWS SageMaker Studio
4 Dec 2019
Leaky bucket
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS plugs leaky S3 buckets with CloudKnox integration

Partnership aims to address S3's pervasive human error problem
3 Dec 2019
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft, not Amazon, is going to win the cloud wars

The disruptor becomes the disrupted
30 Nov 2019

The IT Pro Podcast: Is the future multi-cloud?

We discuss the rise of multi-cloud, what it means for businesses, and which providers don't like to share
29 Nov 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What to expect from AWS Re:Invent 2019

Clouds descend on Las Vegas for Amazon Web Services' giant annual conference
29 Nov 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS to appeal 'biased' JEDI contract ruling

Cloud giant suggests "political influence" led the Pentagon to award the $10bn contract to Microsoft
15 Nov 2019
AWS logo
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS servers hit by sustained DDoS attack

Day-long outage caused by Route 53 DNS system disruption
23 Oct 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Zuckerberg: Cloud too expensive for the vast majority

Facebook CEO makes a playful dig at Jeff Bezos during Chan Zuckerberg Initiative debate
11 Oct 2019
The Pentagon

JEDI contract put on hold after intense lobbying

President Trump echoes concerns of favouritism towards AWS during the bidding process
2 Aug 2019
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services review

Amazon's one cloud service provider to rule them all isn't always the most economical option for SMBs
2 Aug 2019
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Azure revenue surpasses Windows for the first time

Microsoft's cloud division drives up revenues in its Q4 financial results despite YoY slowdown
19 Jul 2019

Trump reportedly concerned over JEDI cloud contract

Republicans have reportedly urged the US president to intervene with the Pentagon's cloud project
18 Jul 2019
Digital map of Europe

Equinix ploughs $1bn into building xScale data centres

The hyperscale infrastructure will be targeted at massive cloud players like AWS and Microsoft Azure
2 Jul 2019
NASCAR car driving
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NASCAR revs up its video business with AWS

The cloud platform will help with the automated processing of its mammoth video catalogue spanning 70 years
5 Jun 2019
AWS logo on black background
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS' Textract can read millions of files in a few hours

The machine learning-powered tool promises to be the most accurate for scalping data
30 May 2019