Samsung develops new SDKs to encourage innovative app development

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Samsung has introduced five new SDKs to encourage developers to create more innovative apps for consumer and enterprise use.

The Korean manufacturer is hoping the new development kits will allow people to take advantage of its S features such as S Pen and multi-window available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

We are clearing a path for creative developers who want to participate in this multiscreen future.

Samsung announced the new SDKs at its first developer conference in San Francisco.

A multiscreen SDK will allow users to share content across a number of Samsung devices, including smartphones, tablets and even Samsung-branded TVs using a cloud-based publishing system.

"We are clearing a path for creative developers who want to participate in this multiscreen future," Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, president of the Samsung Electronics Media Solution Centre told attendees at the event.

"The SDKs we are releasing today give them a way to start creating for multiscreen, and take advantage of our leadership across so many screens."

The SDK allowing developers to access the S Features of Samsung devices was demonstrated using the new Twitter app for Samsung devices. It lets users tweet while browsing the web. Previously, only Samsung-branded apps were able to take advantage of multi-window functionality.

For business users, the Knox SDK gives developers the ability to develop solutions that "enable enterprises to support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) without compromising either corporate security or employee privacy," according to company.

Samsung is currently the top-selling smartphone manufacturer, overtaking Apple in market share.

Yesterday, the company announced is had shipped a record 88.4 million smartphones between July and September 2013, allowing its market share to increase from 32.9 per cent to 35.2 per cent.

The company's profits soared by 26 per cent thanks to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 range of devices.

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