iOS 8 to let apps access Safari AutoFill for faster logins

Logging into apps will be made much easier with iOS 8, as apps will now be able to access username and password details from Safari AutoFill.

Apps will be allowed to retrieve login credentials from Safari's AutoFill & Passwords feature, removing the need for users to manually enter usernames and passwords every time they wish to access their accounts.

When attempting to login to native apps, users will be able to select the relevant details from Safari's store, resulting in a much faster processing times.

Developers will need to associate their apps with their websites for the feature to work, but even without this in place users can save or update details directly from the app.

Safari AutoFill is also synced to iCloud Keychain, allowing the feature to be used across Apple devices.

Announcements for iOS have focused heavily on continuity between iOS and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and this feature complements the desire for all Apple devices to be more closely linked than ever before. Allowing users to access usernames and passwords from Safari on their iPhone, iPad or Mac will allow for even more seamless transitions across platforms.

Since iOS 7 introduced automatic app updates, the frequency of finding yourself logged out of apps has increased.

This has created a demand for iOS 8 to address the problem, which this as yet unannounced feature does.

Caroline Preece

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