Best iPad apps for 2019



Developer: NordVPN

Price: From 2.34 per month

While iOS is widely known for being one of the most secure operating systems around, sometimes you need the added assurance that your internet connection is safe from unwanted snooping.

NordVPN bills itself as one of the most advanced virtual private networks on the market. You're able to connect to 1,000 different servers across 61 different countries, which offer some of the most robust VPN protections available. For those who take security particularly seriously, you're also able to connect to the Tor network without the need for additional software.

It's also incredibly easy to install and use, as it's a simple case of running the .exe and selecting what services you'd like to turn on, including anti-virus shield with malware protection built in.

There's also a variety of pricing options available, the cheapest of which is 2.50 per month on a two-year plan. True to its ideal of anonymity, you can even pay in Bitcoin if you prefer.

Main Idea: An added layer of security for when you're connecting to a dodgy public WiFi


Developer: AgileBits Inc.

Price: Free

1Password's encryption means you can keep all your credentials and financial data in the password manager. Furthermore, it's able to generate hard-to-break passwords for your accounts, to stop you having to remember various passwords you have for all your accounts - or from re-using the same one everywhere. It doesn't just work on your tablet, either: you can sync it across all your Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. If the free version doesn't quite provide what you need, consider upgrading to Pro for additional features.

Main Idea: Let's be honest, it's a pain trying to keep track of all of your passwordsyour log-in information is safe but accessible with 1Password.


Intelligent Hub

Developer: AirWatch, LLC

Price: Free

A device tool for mobility management, this app can be used with the Intelligent Hub console to monitor and manage all devices in your company. For organisations that rely on communication and collaborate with teams and employees, having a single app keeping track of everything can be very useful, and it couldn't be easier to set up and use.

Main Idea: With the rise of BYOD in business, it's already true that pretty much everyone works with a mobile device. This app helps to control and manage this, improving security at the same time.


Developer: Panic

Price: 23.99

Coda is a combination of text editor and FTP client for iPad and iPhone. The main display shows all sites that a user has configured to use with the app. These display a thumbnail of the homepage. Sites can be sorted into folders. It supports syntax highlighting for a wide range of code languages.

The file manager supports FTP, SFTP, FTP with Implicit SSL, FTP with TLS/SSL, as well as with WebDAV & WebDAV via HTTPS. It also connects to services such as Amazon's S3.

Main Idea: A portable text editor and file manager.


Developer: Ginger Labs

Price: 9.99

The iPhone is the perfect device for note-taking, but you need a good app to really take advantage of that. Notability allows users to add images, illustrations and more to notes, making random thoughts more visual and dynamic or just making it easier to brainstorm ideas. The app is also great for working across teams, as you can sync notes through cloud services or share over social media.

Main Idea: Since you can easily sync your notes across devices, it's incredibly simple to go back to your thoughts at another time, editing it from wherever you happen to be.

Printer Pro

Developer: Readdle

Price: 6.99

The fastest and easiest way to print documents directly from your device without worrying about transferring files or email attachments. With Printer Pro you can print straight from within an email or other application with the Open In' function. Wirelessly print attachments, documents, web pages, photos, and more, for real mobile printing.

Main Idea: Whether you're in another office for a meeting or you're using your device for work, printing from your iPad means that you have the convenience even when away from your PC.

Scanner Pro

Developer: Readdle

Category: Business

Price: 3.99

Scanning paper documents to be used on our PCs used to be relatively arduous and time-consuming task, but Scanner Pro allows you to reach the same end with your phone. After scanning, PDF files can be emailed, printed, shared, or uploaded to tools like Dropbox. The app also has automatic edge detection to ensure high-quality scans, and you can also manually crop pages afterwards.

Main Idea: As well as providing high-quality scanning to send electronically, a good portable scanner allows you to back up and store important information to access at your convenience.

Alternatives: Tiny Scanner, CamScanner, ScanBot

Splashtop Enterprise

Developer: Splashtop Inc.

Price: Free

As mobile as smartphones and tablets have made us, sometimes we need our computers and are miles away from our desks. This would be a problem if not for remote desktop apps, which allow users to access their PC or Mac straight from their phones, allowing them to stream video, browse the web and more. For professionals, remote access to PowerPoint, Excel, and other applications can be a lifesaver.

Main Idea: Access to your desktop from anywhere gives you more options, and instantly increases the value of your devices for on-the-move work.


TripIt: Travel Planner

Developer: Tripit

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

TripIt organises the lion's share of your travel plans and involves minimal effort on your part. Forget copying long customer IDs and boarding pass details, TripIt automatically creates an itinerary for you from forwarded hotel, airline, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails. Travel plans can be accessed at any time including offline. It also provides directions and maps, syncs with your Apple, Outlook or Google calendars, and allows you to share your travel plans with friends and colleagues. Owned by business travel and expense management company, Concur, TripIt also offers a premium service for frequent flyers.

Main Idea: Get your travel plans organised in one place using TripIt's automation technology.

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