Top 10 business travel apps

Wi-Fi FastConnect Hotspot Locator


Price: Free

For when you're travelling around the UK FastConnect Hotspot Locator ensures you won't be scrambling around for an internet connection when you're most in need. When you need to find somewhere to work or just to check your emails, it can be frustrating to find yourself without Wi-Fi in the immediate area, especially in you're in an unfamiliar town or city, but just checking this app will inform you of the closest hotspot to head for, which is usually not far away at all.

Why is this app so good for business travel? We think of Wi-Fi as being everywhere, so it can come as quite a shock when, while away for business, we find ourselves disconnected. This app informs you of where to find the nearest hotspot, which can then be connected to for free on your device or laptop.

XE Currency


Price: Free

The best app for converting currencies on the go, XE Currency claims to offer every world currency and constantly adjusts them (refreshed every minute) to ensure the upmost accuracy.

It also works without internet connectivity, which can be a lifesaver when you're out an about and without a Wi-Fi signal. You can monitor up to 10 currencies simultaneously, and adjust the app's settings to get a more personalised experience.

Why is this app so good for business travel? Not only can the app be used to calculate expenses, but it can also be a vital tool for calculating rates before you leave. Take it with you when out shopping or when eating or drinking out so as to keep a mental note of how much you're really spending.

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