Dropbox launches email alternative 'file-transfer'

Dropbox Transfer

File hosting platform Dropbox has launched a file-sharing service called 'Dropbox Transfer', as a form of alternative to email.

According to the company, which recently reinvented itself with a new design, email has limitations. You can only attach files up to a certain size and its not always clear if your recipients have received them.

"Transfer offers the convenience of email, without the 25 MB limit on attachments," the company said. "With Transfer, you can send up to 100 GB of files - five times what some other services allow - in just a few clicks.

With Dropbox Transfer, users will have the option to drag and drop files to upload from their computer or skip the wait by adding items stored in Dropbox. Once they've created a transfer, they'll get a link that can be pasted anywhere. This link can be sent to anyone, even if they don't have a Dropbox account, the company said.

Recently an email platform called Superhuman hit the headlines after it was revealed it used 'read receipts' which tracked when and where emails were opened - without consent. Dropbox seems to have added a similar feature - sans the location tracking - where users can customise their transfers with notifications for when they've been opened - and also how many times.

There's also a set of tools to create bespoke designs for a more professional look, where logos and branding can be added, rather than just a simple shared file link.

Dropbox Transfer opens today as a private beta, regardless of whether you're using a free or paid account. There's a beta waiting list on the company's website for those that want to try the new service out.

Bobby Hellard

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