Evaluate your order-to-cash process

How to evaluate your order-to-cash process - whitepaper from HighRadius

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The economic volatility of 2020 has made it a business imperative to remain agile, through a focus on liquidity and optimising working capital. Real time visibility and the monitoring of important financial KPIs, risk metrics, and customer information are all vital to driving robust decision making in receivables processing and enabling quicker business recovery from any type of disruption.

Those companies that have fared the pandemic best have had strong processes and automation that gave them a higher level of cost efficiency, speed, operational resilience, and customer relationships. This whitepaper outlines what benchmarks a company can measure themselves by throughout a recovery phase.

Download this pdf to consider:

  • Key performance indicators
  • Five characteristics of a world-class A/R function
  • How your company measures up
  • Other important metrics and insights

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