Two-thirds of UK consumers don't trust AI

A majority (63%) of UK customers are more likely to purchase products or services from companies able to demonstrate their use of bias-free artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, as well as recommend these companies, according to new research from Genpact.

Unfortunately, AI is still riddled with bias. Globally, 77% of male and 75% of female senior executives said that men are more still more likely to be given opportunities for AI reskilling over women, despite an overwhelming demand to take advantage of this new technology. In the UK, 90% of surveyed workers said that they would be willing to retrain if it meant learning new AI skills.

However, according to Genpact, companies are failing to meet the demand for AI reskilling for a third consecutive year, despite the steady increase of AI in the workplace. Less than one in three (31%) of UK senior executives said that their companies offer AI-related reskilling opportunities.

This issue may result in the prevalent lack of trust in AI. Over two thirds (69%) of UK consumers expressed concern about AI discriminating against them, while 64% are anxious that AI will make decisions that affect them without them knowing about it.

The research suggests that in the current uncertain economic climate, the ability to provide effective products and services is more difficult than ever. In fact, Genpact CEO Tiger Tyagarajan believes that “businesses are being challenged like they never have been before”.

“In this unprecedented time, AI provides companies with a valuable tool to improve customer experience and mine data to engage with customers in a more personal, empathetic way. Our study suggests there is significant optimism shown by both consumers and employees if companies can demonstrate a responsible approach to AI. It is important that business leaders implement equitable training and fight AI bias,” he said.

Sabina Weston

Having only graduated from City University in 2019, Sabina has already demonstrated her abilities as a keen writer and effective journalist. Currently a content writer for Drapers, Sabina spent a number of years writing for ITPro, specialising in networking and telecommunications, as well as charting the efforts of technology companies to improve their inclusion and diversity strategies, a topic close to her heart.

Sabina has also held a number of editorial roles at Harper's Bazaar, Cube Collective, and HighClouds.