CityFibre to create 10,000 jobs to power government's 2025 full-fibre pledge

Fibre cables

CityFibre has announced that 10,000 jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers will be created within its network of construction partners.

The jobs will be involved with delivering the government's target of full-fibre by 2025 and aims to boost the economy in the wake of the coronavirus.

The company will provide a three-year recruitment and training programme for those that are unemployed or looking to reskill, with roles also available for qualified and experienced operatives.

The firm said it was looking to attract more women and ethnic minorities into the construction industry, with the first wave of trainees set to start at the end of June. After training, the new recruits will be introduced to construction partners and considered for network delivery roles.

"We're delighted to launch our training and recruitment programme creating up to 10,000 jobs in such a critical and vibrant sector," said Steve Holliday, chairman at CityFibre. "The programme will reach deep into our society to include some of those most in need of opportunity. Ultimately, it will ensure the skilled workforce is in place to get the job done and at the same time provide up-skilling and well-paid jobs across more than 100 towns and cities."

"Of all the infrastructure projects and industrial policies under consideration, full-fibre will have the biggest impact in the shortest time, and for the least public money," he added. "It will help ensure that the UK not only recovers economically but that it swiftly transitions to a greener, smarter and fairer economy in which to thrive."

Of the 100 towns and cities, 62 have already been announced and the firm expects 38 more to follow soon. Part of the plan is to create local jobs and keep applicants working in close proximity to their home.

CityFibre's construction partners will be responsible for ensuring these job contracts run for up to seven years to create long term opportunities. However, it's currently unclear how long the project plans to run for and whether the new roles will continue after the work is completed.

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