UK tech skills gap to reduce as more Brits consider IT jobs

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The UK's tech skills gap is set to decrease as over half of workers are contemplating a career change into more tech-based roles, new research suggests.

A survey of over 2,000 professionals from CWJobs found that over half (55%) of non-tech workers are contemplating a career change.

The study of 1,120 tech workers and 1,026 non-tech workers suggests that the latter have either considered or have begun the process of moving into a tech-based role, with almost 8% having already made the move.

A growing deficit between skilled workers and jobs has loomed over the tech industry for some time with issues like immigration and Brexit often attributed to a lack of access to talent.

The pandemic has also amplified the gap, as IT and tech support have grown in stature during lockdown. Nearly half (45%) of IT workers said their company is currently actively recruiting for tech-based roles, offering greater opportunities for those looking to retrain and upskill into the booming sector.

The COVID-19 situation has also impacted professional aspirations with one in eight (12%) suggesting the pandemic has accelerated their ambition to change careers. Additionally, 25% of the workers surveyed said they would put job stability and security over salary.

Reassuringly, jobs within the tech industry are often well-paid (partly due to the demand) and as remote working becomes more critical, careers in the sector are also seen as future-proof. A fifth (20%) of IT workers said one of the main advantages of working in a tech role is the fact that companies are prioritising technology due to learnings from COVID-19.


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The top tech skills workers feel their company needs, according to the survey, are in IT support (33%) and cyber security (23%).

The UK's cyber security skills gap was reportedly at 'breaking point' at the end of 2019, with a survey from RedSeal suggesting Brexit and a lack of investment from the government as the main reasons.

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