Salesforce launches online hub to help businesses re-open safely

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Salesforce las launched a hub of technology services and expert advice to help businesses as they return to work following the coronavirus pandemic. will provide information for companies on how to return to work safely and manage complex decisions during the recovery phase.

The announcement comes just a day after reports claimed that the UK government is preparing a return to work roadmap for businesses. Recommendations reportedly included reducing hot-desking, using tape to enforce two-metre distances and encouraging employees to continue remote working for a few more months.

Salesforce's tech hub will include a command centre where businesses can assess how ready they are to welcome employees back to work. This is a dashboard that takes in your company's data and also public data, to provide the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 situation. This includes accessing employee wellness data and information on the status of any training or upskilling staff have taken up.

There is also shift management capabilities that allow businesses to plan for staggered shift patterns and make appropriate changes in the workplace. This will also include training for employees on how to work differently and ensure compliance with new policies.

"As we start to turn a corner in the UK, we want to help businesses step up and be a platform for change so our communities can re-open and thrive again," said Paul Smith, GM at Salesforce. "We are seeing first-hand that businesses are transforming and having to make decisions faster than ever before - what once took months, is now taking days."


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After just over two months of lockdown, the UK is beginning to look at coming back to work, partly to keep the economy going but also to help businesses stay afloat.

Although the government has made funds available for small businesses, many are struggling without being able to operate. Those that have managed to carry on have done so with the help of remote and cloud-based technologies, allowing their workforce to stay home and get their jobs done.

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