Dell Technologies launches new HPC systems to boost AI workloads

Dell HQ

Dell Technologies has announced the launch of two new high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to help businesses run powerful artificial intelligence (AI) workloads in VMware environments and speed up digital transformation projects.

The new Dell EMC Ready Solutions are based on VMware Cloud Foundation and aim to help companies gain AI insights using the combination of Dell EMC systems and new features of VMware vSphere 7, including Bitfusion.

Tom Burns, senior VP of Integrated Products & Solutions at Dell Technologies, called AI a “game-changer” but added that the company’s customers are “lagging behind in adoption because they're dealing with skills and infrastructure gaps".

"We're bringing together the power of Dell Technologies to help customers simplify the process of running AI workloads at scale in their familiar VMware environments,” he said.

The first Dell EMC Ready Solution is a GPU-as-a-Service (GPUaaS) designed to free up accelerator access by creating virtual graphics processing unit (GPU) pools. The system uses the latest VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware vSphere 7 support for Kubernetes and containerised applications in order to run AI workloads anywhere. The containers facilitate bringing cloud-native applications into production with the ability to move workloads as needed.

The second solution, for Virtualized HPC (vHPC), assists and economises the use of VMware environments for demanding HPC and AI applications in fields such as computational chemistry, bioinformatics and computer-aided engineering.

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC is capable of delivering up to 18 times faster AI model development. It also delivers up to 20% faster hardware configuration and integration than self-installation and will provide an estimated return on investment of up to 111%.

Arthur Lewis, president of Server & Infrastructure Systems at Dell Technologies, explained in a blog post that “the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPU-as-a-Service were designed for those who are just starting their AI journey or who already run smaller AI operations”, while “the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC were designed for those who want to advance their AI journey by virtualizing their high-performance computing workloads easily using the latest version of vSphere”.

The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI: GPUaaS and Dell EMC Ready Solutions for vHPC are available globally now, while the factory installation of VMware vSphere with BitFusion will only become available worldwide on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers next month.

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