Google Cloud extends partnership with Minsait

Interior view of Google Office in Tel Aviv
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Google Cloud and Minsait have extended their partnership to provide public and private sector organizations in Spain with secure, private, and sovereign cloud solutions.

While Minsait will enable security services, cloud infrastructure management, external encryption key administration, and data center auditing, Google Cloud will offer agility and scalability through public and hybrid clouds, allowing Spanish organizations to innovate independently.

The joint solution, under the auspices of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation (SEDIA), will help strengthen firms’ digital transformation initiatives.

Data will be encrypted both in transit and at rest in Google Cloud. Data can also be accessed through the new Google Cloud region set to open in 2022 in Madrid.

Additionally, Google's capabilities in sustainability and carbon-free energy will enable Spanish enterprises to minimize their carbon footprint.

Minsait head of data cloud Carlos Beldarrain said: "Thanks to this collaboration with Google Cloud, we can help drive digital transformation for organizations of all sizes and industries.”

“Together we bring competitiveness and innovation to the Spanish market with a sustainable approach, underpinned with a commitment to data sovereignty that is made possible through Minsait's expertise as a trusted technology leader in Spain."


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Earlier this year, Google Cloud and Minsait joined forces to offer products and services geared toward accelerating the digital transformation of Spanish businesses and government agencies.

More recently, the University of Granada and Minsait launched an artificial intelligence (AI) lab in Granada with Google Cloud as a technology partner.

"The development of a digital economy and sovereignty necessarily imply that citizens and organizations have control of their data and benefit from the availability of a sovereign cloud in Europe. This strategic alliance with a Spanish company is a step forward in the right direction" added Carme Artigas, secretary of state for digitization and artificial Intelligence.