Asda to transform its delivery services with immersive logistics software

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Asda has revealed a digital transformation partnership with French software firm Dassault Systèmes that will radically change its delivery services.

The UK's third biggest grocery retailer will use planning and optimisation technologies to improve its supply chain and boost its sustainability efforts.

Dassault Systèmes' logistics planner will be used to speed up the movement of goods and make them more efficient and cost-effective across Asda's supply ecosystem. And a centralised platform will be available to everyone within its transport operations to see the same picture, allowing primary and secondary distribution to work in sync across planning and execution.

This is dubbed "perfect logistics" by Dassault, and it's based on its DELMIA Quintiq software. This also includes technology from the French firm's 3DEXPERIENCE, which is immersive virtual reality software. According to its website, this is mostly used in construction or design applications but appears to also be able to present a virtual reality map for Asda where it can orchestrate the movement of goods across its ecosystem.

Within the virtual planning environment, Asda will have the capabilities to integrate and optimise the flow of goods between suppliers, distributor centres and stores across the UK and Ireland. This will incorporate supply chain data and logistical resources to suggest delivery strategies and more efficient use of resources in a centralised planning hub.


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DELMIA Quintiq also provides tools to revise plans and change processes should issues arise, such as order backlogs or emergency maintenance. There are also tools to help Asda achieve sustainable goals and targets. These appear to be mainly around optimisation of travel routes which reduces wasted miles and lowers emissions and fuel consumption.

"Retailers must be able to set themselves apart from cost-cutting competition while taking driver skills, CO2 emissions and transportation costs into consideration," said Philippe Loeb, VP of consumer packaged goods and retail industry at Dassault Systèmes. "This requires sustainable business operations that optimise energy, materials and human resources. Dassault Systèmes provides the only solutions capable of handling such complexity. It delivers unmatched functionalities that transform retail logistics from a cost centre to an efficient, more sustainable value driver."

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