PayPal and Zapper team up to improve restaurant payments

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PayPal and Zapper have teamed up to make it easier for restaurant customers to pay for their meals at the table using PayPal's One Touch technology via the Zapper app.

When a customer is issued their bill at a restaurant that supports Zapper payments, they can scan the QR code displayed into their smartphone and it will open up the Zapper app on their device. They can then add a tip or split the bill, rate the restaurant and add a review if they wish.

At this point, they can then make the payment in just a few taps, without waiting for a waiter or waitress to return with the card payment terminal.

“Giving customers choice coupled with making payments seamless are both elements we endeavour to deliver through PayPal," explained Rob Harper, director of mobile commerce at PayPal UK.

"Zapper’s pay at table offering addresses both needs and builds on the work we’ve been doing with our partners to make dining experiences more enjoyable when it comes to paying the bill. Whether it is by paying faster at your table without waiting for the card terminal or splitting the bill amongst friends, we are working with partners to enable choice for their customers and solve business needs at the same time.”

The integration of PayPal One Touch with the Zapper app not only makes it easier for customers to pay or split their bill, it also provides valuable insights for companies from their customers, including whether they were happy with the service.

"With over 70,000 active Zapper users and currently over 1,000 restaurant partners in the UK, we are thrilled to be one of the first mobile payment and insight apps to partner with PayPal in restaurants," said Gerry Hooper, CEO of Zapper UK.

"It’s a priority for us to be able to offer our Zapper users a variety of trusted payment options depending on their preferences to ensure a swift and snappy dining experience.”

PayPal's One Touch technology was launched in August 2015 and Zapper is one of the first partners to integrate it into its application.

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