The IT Pro Podcast: The 2022 that didn't happen

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In today's festive edition of the podcast, Jane and Rory discuss three things that were predicted to happen during the course of 2022, but never did.

The metaverse making sense, Russian threat actors winning against Ukraine and other nations, and the 'bonfire' of EU regulations were all promised or anticipated, but none came to pass. We ask what has happened instead, and question why things turned out the way they did.


“I think I've spoken to people who've made comparisons between the metaverse and Web3 in that they're both very hyped up keywords that people really don't care or understand what those mean. That's sort of seeing headlines saying the metaverse tech could change everything. But I don’t feel like this year has cemented a specific vision of that in people's minds.”

“There were some very senior security executives who expressed concerns that cyber warfare could play a main role in the in the military campaign, and that this cyber warfare could be a kind of a staging ground, a training ground for future cyber warfare campaigns by the Russian military and by Russian state sponsored threat actors against other European countries.”

“What we were promised in 2022, was a bonfire of EU regulation that has been adopted into UK law. Now, this ranged from everything from the curvature of your bananas, through to how many children a child-minder can look at at any one time, you know, anything and everything that might at any time have been touched by the EU is in the bin. And for our listeners, probably the most relevant one of these is GDPR, which was fully targeted. And then once again, to the best of my knowledge, the bonfire has not set light to.”

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