Zoho launches Notebook for Web

zoho notebook

Zoho has announced Notebook for Web, enabling users to create and view their notebooks from a web browser, as well as natively on Android, iOS and MacOS.

The web version of the application means users can create Text, Checklist, Photo, and File Cards and personalise them with covers by just dragging an image from their desktop into the corresponding notebook in the web app.

Photo cards and file cards can be created in exactly the same way from the desktop, while grouping them together, moving them and copying to different locations can also happen by just dragging and dropping them where you want them to be.

The new version of Notebook also introduces Smart Cards, which allow users to save snippets of information from Zoho-support sites that are automatically sorted according to their content. These cards can be grouped and sorted into relevant stacks, although only three types will be introduced at the moment: Recipe Card, Video Card, and Link Card.

Smart Video Cards can be created when a user saves a link from YouTube or Vimeo. This transforms it into a video preview, which is extended to the full video when it's opened. A Link Card pulls in the headline or page title along with the main image.

Smart Cards will be introduced on Notebook for iOS, Android and MacOs too, keeping the experience across devices consistent.

"Notebook started out as a mobile-first app, and users continue to show a preference for mobile devices. But a lot of work still gets done on desktops and laptops, so we're rounding out the Notebook suite with the web app," said Raju Vegesna, Zoho chief evangelist.

"We're also advancing Notebook on other fronts like our Smart Cards, which extends the note card concept of Notebook and allows us to create cards that are optimised for a task such as a recipe card. Going forward, users can expect more cards and other features that will keep Notebook fresh and relevant."

Clare Hopping
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