Pure Storage announces revamped flash array

Pure Storage has announced a flagship all-flash storage array and cloud-based management and support solution that it claims will future proof companies for generations.

FlashArray//m is the company's newest storage array, boasting the power usage of ten residential homes squeezed down into a toaster-sized piece of hardware. Pure Storage said it's ten times faster than traditional disk-based storage and the range comprises from 5TB up to nearly 136TB usable storage, depending on the controller option.

It gets rid of the standard cable maze, with only six cables to connect, meaning it saves even more space than traditional racks. Pure Storage says the format and functionality of the storage array will extend the usual three to five year rip-and-replace lifecycle that has plagued the IT industry in the past.

Pure 1 allows staff to monitor the company's Pure Storage flash arrays on their mobile or on desktop from a single web-based interface. The support aspect alerts staff if there is a problem with their flash arrays and everything can be integrated with existing software and hardware in a customer data centre.

Pure 1 and FlashArray//m comprise Pure Storage's Evergreen Storage model that is designed to future-proof organisations against a rapidly changing IT landscape.

Eric Burgener, research director at IDC said: "Supported by modifications in the hardware of their new FlashArray//m, customers can now and going forward upgrade entire FlashArrays in the field to completely new technology generations without any downtime, performance impacts, forklift upgrades or data migration. This new model will change customer preconceptions about the way technology refresh is performed in enterprise-class storage arrays."

Matt Kixmoeller, vice president of products at Pure Storage added: "Now customers can invest in a storage platform that can add value to their businesses for a decade or more, and make individual component, non-disruptive upgrades to capacity and/or performance when required by the business. This flat, predictable, SaaS-like procurement model further lowers the bar for customers to bring all-flash storage into their data centres, unlocking both business and IT transformation."

Clare Hopping
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