Dell Boomi gives wallet startup a cloudy boost

Secure wallet manufacturing startup Secrid has taken on Dell Boomi to help it achieve better efficiencies across its entire organisation.

Secrid originally opted to use Boomi's integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution to help link its existing applications with the NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool it was already using. However, the relationship was taken to the next level with Boomi then being onboarded to improve automation and workflows.

The platform has now been implemented to analyse how customers are interacting with the brand, how resources are being managed internally, to create revenue forecasts, keep on top of billing and manage its production factory to ensure it's keeping up with demand.

"If you want to maintain personal customer relationships during rapid growth, you need technology to help you do this," Secrid COO Paul van Diepen Dell explained.

"Boomi enables us to maintain one view of every customer and communicate with them effectively and efficiently. With their technology, we draw a circle around all of our software, maintaining everything through one language, using one platform and with one consultant and that's Boomi."

Secrid is now using Boomi to run 50 applications at once, including its e-commerce platform, customer support tools and databases.

"Dell Boomi's technology has supported Secrid to significantly reduce the time spent on manual processes in some cases by upto 50%, putting integration at the heart of its growth," Ian Currie, Dell Boomi's EMEA director added.

"By enabling the company to connect devices, data, applications and processes, we are delighted to have helped Secrid spend less time connecting the dots and more time on building a better business."

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

Clare is the founder of Blue Cactus Digital, a digital marketing company that helps ethical and sustainability-focused businesses grow their customer base.

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