BMJ uses Datapipe's cloud expertise to expand in China

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The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has opted to use Datapipe's expertise to launch a hybrid multi-cloud with Alibaba's Cloud service to break into China.

It's part of BMJ's strategy to digitise the services it provides China. Rather than just offering physical product distribution, Chinese businesses now have access to instant updates from the publisher's digital business too.

"We have now fully realised the strategy that we first mapped out two years ago, when we started our cloud journey," Alex Hooper, head of operations at BMJ said. "In the first year, we were able to fully virtualise our infrastructure using Datapipe's private cloud, and in the process, move to a new, agile way of working. In this second year, we have embraced public cloud and taken our services over to China."

The first stage of the partnership involved BMJ using Datapipe to implement a DevOps approach on a virtual environment using Datapipe's private cloud. This latest advancement has involved integrating AWS and Alibaba Cloud into the mix in order to complete its mission to provide a more agile working environment.

"It is exciting to be working with a company that has both a long, distinguished history and is also forward-thinking in embracing the cloud," said Tony Connor, Head of EMEA Marketing for Datapipe.

"Datapipe partnered with Alibaba Cloud last year in order to better support our clients' global growth both in and out of China. We are delighted to continue to deliver for BMJ, building upon our private cloud foundations, and taking them to China with public cloud infrastructure through our relationship with AliCloud."

He added that working with Datapipe has enabled the publisher to offer cloud-based, digital services to Chinese business rather than just the physical media that needed to be updated quarterly when its publications were released. This means the work in-house has reduced significantly and updates can be issued autonomously when they happen.

Clare Hopping
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