Nutanix buys Netsil for application discovery tools

A stack of colourful containers being built up by a forklift truck

Nutanix has acquired app discovery business Netsil to help boost its Enterprise Cloud Platform by monitoring containerised cloud services and identifying any problems or bottlenecks, fixing them along the way.

As more businesses switch to the cloud and, in particular, containerised services, they need a platform that will keep on top of all the interconnected apps and services in the cloud, Nutanix claimed. However, because there are so many dependencies, IT admins are struggling to keep on top of the health of everything so are turning to automation to help.

"Netsil's innovative technology offers an original approach to simple yet comprehensive application discovery and operations management across multiple cloud environments and will be a powerful addition to Nutanix," said Sunil Potti, chief product and development officer at Nutanix.

"Netsil, which can be consumed as a cloud-based service, and when combined with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software, gives both DevOps and IT teams the power to quickly deploy and operate applications with confidence, in any cloud, at any scale, while ensuring reliability, performance and security."

Neither business has revealed how the companies will continue to operate after the acquisition, or when it's expected to close, although Netsil said Nutanix will be in touch with the app discovery company's customers to explain what they can expect in the coming months.

"Joining Nutanix gives Netsil's technology a great opportunity to be a force multiplier," said Harjot Gill, founder and CEO of Netsil. "Nutanix has built a very solid Enterprise Cloud OS platform, which when combined with Netsil's real-time observability, becomes even more strategic when addressing a growing microservices market. We are really happy to be joining a company where Netsil's capabilities will be used to their fullest."

Clare Hopping
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