Zeptronic Diagnostics provides faster, cheaper disease detection

A stethoscope on top of a MacBook keyboard
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KMZ Holdings, a medical diagnostic company, has launched Zeptronic Diagnostics, a proprietary cloud-based diagnostic technology for health facilities and medical professionals.

The tool supports accurate, hassle-free, pain-free, rapid medical testing, and it also removes the need for expensive scanning and diagnostic equipment and reduces regular maintenance costs.

The Zeptronic Diagnostic System is a hand-held probe that’s about the size of a whiteboard marker. It sends out an electronic medical field and collects the waves reflected back through the body to make a full-body report.

The detection levels are more accurate than existing medical technologies, including X-rays, MRIs and ultrasound, and the device uploads billions of data points to the cloud-based system and compares the findings against a database of normal values.

The system takes three minutes to create a tabbed report on the human body. It includes results on chemicals and chemically bonded structures, all cells and internal structures, all organs and all body systems. Clinicians and other health providers can access the report, which meets HIPAA-compliance requirements, from anywhere in the world.

Medical professionals can use the testing technology to assess many diseases and illnesses, including CMP, LDL, HDL, urinalysis, glucose, Hepatitis B and others. It can replace many invasive and less-effective tests, such as colonoscopies, cystoscopies, transabdominal ultrasonography, cystograms and barium enemas, to name a few.

It also eliminates the need for swabs, needles and fluid collection, and it reduces test turnaround time.

The Zeptronic Diagnostics probe employs miniaturized components with low energy requirements, so it can be developed for other applications. For example, the Zeptronic Alert Bracelet supports continuous monitoring of patients with chronic health conditions. The bracelet can provide emergency room professionals with an immediate diagnosis for quicker treatment.

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