VectorCare expands offerings to meet surging mobile health care demands

VectorCare mobile app screen

VectorCare, a San Francisco-based patient care logistics company offering a no-code SaaS platform and mobile apps to help remote care teams collaborate and execute healthcare events in real-time. VectorCare’s new Delivery app will allow for greater collaboration, scheduling, tracking and communication of patient needs.

There was a slow but steady increase in home-based care entering 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in mobile health care demand. Hospitals and other health care providers weren’t equipped to handle the logistics of so many new patients at once.

"The healthcare industry is being forced to evolve rapidly, and the 'new normal' is here to stay," commented David Emanuel, VectorCare CEO. "Legacy technology today can't keep up and healthcare providers are being forced to adopt new innovative and agile solutions that empower remote care teams and accelerate incredible patient care. We're excited to continue driving this healthcare-at-home movement through our platform and care delivery apps."

VectorCare’s new Delivery app allows health care providers to create and follow predefined workflows, record relevant data, enter status updates and schedule new services all from their smartphone. They can even view all documentation and information on their assigned work visits.

VectorCare’s advancement in mobile technology for healthcare workers comes as other companies are also helping the health care industry achieve more flexibility. Microsoft has announced a new Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare that’ll launch on Oct. 30. Ginger, a mobile-based mental health care company announced $50 million in series D funding in August to help it keep up with record demands during the pandemic.