NetSuite encourages sharing of best practice and deployment with SuiteSuccess

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NetSuite used its annual London event to confirm the UK availability a new solution designed to help share best practices, insight and deployment guidance across specific verticals.

Dubbed ‘SuiteSuccess’ the new solution is initially available for the financials and wholesale distribution industries, the firm unveiled at its Next Ready Business event at the Park Plaza hotel in Westminster.

The former is called SuiteSuccess Financials First edition, while the latter is SuiteSuccess for Wholesale Distribution. These are but two of the multiple vertical offerings announced in April at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld event in Las Vegas.

The idea is to help UK and Ireland-based companies derive greater value from their deployments much more quickly, whilst freeing them from the limitations around scale and growth that can typical stunt longer-term success.

At the same time, it’s hoped businesses making use of SuiteSuccess will also benefit from added flexibility and efficiency gains that will help fuel their own and their customers success, according to Katrina Horton, senior director of strategic initiatives at Oracle NetSuite.

“We’ve been able to use the combined power of a unified platform with our 20 years experience,” she told delegates during the event keynote.

“We are building more features than ever. It’s a complete suite to support the modern business.”

SuiteSuccess is based on four key pillars:

  • Build - This element is designed to support all areas of a business from CRM and ERP all the way through to omnichannel commerce and PSA and everything in between.
  • Engage – Offering best practices for each industry spanning workflow, KPIs, dashboards, metrics and reporting. This also includes personalisation capabilities.
  • Consume - A ‘stairway’ based approach that ensures businesses can make use of what is best suited to their needs at any given time and stage of their deployment journey. This is designed to boost ROI and user adoption and help firms move to cloud in as little as 100 days, according to NetSuite.
  • Optimise – This ensures continued value throughout the relationship including updated practices, new feature releases, stairway evolution and more.

Talking specifically about the ‘engage’ component’ Horton said: “We’ve done the homework for our customers. Why do we have to start from scratch? Let’s have something that’s built in and make it industry specific.

“It might be an approach that’s prescriptive, but we still have the flexibility of the NetSuite system.”

Maggie Holland

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