Verizon simplifies NaaS with open platform

Multiple PCs connected on a network

Verizon has announced the launch of its Virtualized Network Services offering, which will see the company team up with the likes of Cisco, Juniper and Palo Alto to offer customers an open platform for deployment.

The network as a service (NaaS) offering will make it easier for companies to deploy their set-ups, while also reducing the cost of ownership and allowing customers to scale their infrastructure as needed, which is especially useful if an organisation has multiple offices around the world, with changing demands from staff.

“The way in which network services are delivered is going through an unprecedented shift— the biggest we’ve seen since the broad adoption of MPLS,” said Shawn Hakl, vice president of networking and innovation, Verizon.

“Today the network is transitioning to a virtualised model using similar technology that drove the disruption in the data center market. With our new solution set, enterprises will be able to balance agility, performance, cost and security necessitated by the growth of mobile-to-cloud applications and the Internet of Things.”

Verizon said its Virtualized Network Services makes it faster to deliver products to market, because it avoids hardware that usually needs to be provisioned first. Plus, the use of service portals means the order and deployment process is significantly sped up.

Because it's delivered as and when it's needed with flexible capacity to meet demand, organisations can cut the costs of their deployments because it organically scales as and when demand requires it, rather than continuously running in the background, meaning companies only pay for what they use.

“Virtualised services are the way of the future,” said Nav Chander, IDC Research Manager, Enterprise Telecom. “As a global networking leader, Verizon is out front with its global launch of Virtual Network Services. Their vision, strategy and service deployment are right on point. I expect others in the industry to follow suit.”

Clare Hopping
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