How much storage does your SharePoint deployment eat up?

Cloud filing cabinet storage

Archive360 has launched the latest release of FastCollect for SharePoint, which will help businesses work out how much storage they're using and help them reduce requirements by up to 90% by switching usage to more affordable Azure tiers if needed.

Archive360 said it came up with the solution to address the growing concerns of businesses that regularly run out of SharePoint Online storage space. This means they have to seek out other options that cost more and make their implementation harder to manage.

"With our latest release of FastCollect for SharePoint, SharePoint Online users can get a complete characterization of their current SharePoint Online resources so that they can make informed decisions about storage requirements and allocations," said Tibi Popp, co-founder and CTO, Archive360.

"Should extension to more affordable Azure cloud storage tiers be desired, FastCollect for SharePoint automatically enables policy-based file movement to lower cost storage tiers."

The update comprises two parts - SharePoint Analysis - which is the engine to analyse how much space an organisation has available, identifying SharePoint sites, collections, libraries and documents. It will even analyse folder structure and provide a detailed report of consumption including the number of files, sizes, age based on creation date and last accessed date.

Businesses are then able to use the product's SharePoint Extension to create an automated, policy-based movement of files to hot, cool and archival Azure storage tiers according to when te data was last used and whether it needs to be regularly accessed, for example.

"For our customers using SharePoint Online, FastCollect for SharePoint provides the insight and automation they need to improve efficiency and reduce costs," Bill Tolson, vice president of Marketing for Archive360 added.

"This means that we can deliver a more in-depth level of support for the SharePoint Online solutions we deliver, while lowering costs and enhancing our customer loyalty."

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