Darktrace announces cloud-only environment

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Darktrace has announced the availability of its cloud-only environment, enabling organisations to keep tabs on users and data in the cloud.

The Enterprise Immune System offers extra security without the need for a hardware appliance as was previously the case with its on-premise solution. The cloud-only installation includes exactly the same elements of the on-premise solution, including data collection, mathematics and detection, through to the visualisation of threats and expert cyber-analyst investigation services.

Because it's hosted in the cloud, it's fully scalable too, growing with the company as it collects more data and takes on more staff.

The product has been developed in response to the increase in companies opting to use the cloud to run their applications, manage users and store data, Darktrace explained.

“Organisations know that a compromise could happen anywhere, and may start small. They need complete oversight of their infrastructure – irrespective of how the network is configured, and how much has been ‘virtualised’, to have the best chance of defending it,” commented Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace.

Organisations without an option of on-premise network are now able to benefit from the extra security Darktrace's product offers, enabling the installation of lightweight sensors into their cloud to help Darktrace apply its self-learning analysis and threat detection process.

“Darktrace is committed to bringing self-learning cyber defence to all organisations and all infrastructure types – and we are delighted to be announcing this capacity to deploy our machine learning and mathematics-led solution into full cloud environments,” Eagan added.

Darktrace cloud-only supports Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace and other cloud providers.

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