Infosys selects AWS to develop next-gen quantum computing applications

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Infosys is teaming up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enrich its quantum computing capabilities.

The IT giant will leverage AWS’ Amazon Braket to develop new quantum applications as part of its Cobalt Cloud offering.

“Through our use of AWS in this space, we are bringing together the power of Amazon Braket and Infosys Cobalt to help enterprises build quantum computing capabilities and use cases to accelerate their cloud-powered transformation,” explained Ravi Kumar, president at Infosys.

Kumar added, “We are exploring a variety of use cases from the logistics, finance, energy, and telecom sectors that can help clients evaluate future benefits and value that quantum computing could bring to their business. Enterprises can look forward to solving their various complex computational challenges with Infosys Cobalt and Amazon Braket."

A fully managed solution, Amazon Braket streamlines scientific research and software development for quantum computing. Users can test their algorithms on a local simulator or choose from a variety of fully managed, high-performance simulators.

Infosys will leverage circuit simulators and quantum hardware technologies from Amazon Braket to build, test, and evaluate quantum applications. Infosys center for emerging technology solutions (iCETS), an incubator devoted to engineering next-gen services, will spearhead the development.

Infosys' use of Amazon Braket is aimed at preparing businesses for a future centered around quantum computing. The strategic partnership will also allow researchers and developers to explore and investigate complex computational problems as quantum technologies advance.


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“Quantum Computing is an area of intense research, and a number of businesses around the world are asking about its timeline and the opportunities that it could open,” said Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales and marketing at AWS.

“At this stage, it's important to be aware and evaluate the potential future impact of quantum computing. Infosys, a long-standing AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has experience in incubating emerging technology solutions. We see this collaboration as an important step towards setting the right expectations when discussing business problems with customers where quantum computing could have a role."