AWS launches new region in Jakarta

A screenshot on an angle of an AWS S3 web page
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new region in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The city is already home to an Amazon CloudFront edge location, along with two new AWS Direct Connect locations.

As of December 2021, the AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) region is the tenth active AWS region in the Asia Pacific and mainland China following Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Ningxia, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

The firm now provides 84 availability zones spread across 26 geographic regions around the globe. Furthermore, AWS announced plans to expand availability zones and regions in Australia, Canada, India, Israel, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

The new AWS Asia Pacific (Jakarta) region, which is identified by the API name ap-southeast-3, allows the use of C5, C5d, I3, I3en, M5, M5d, R5, R5d, and T3 instances for applications.

An extensive list of AWS services can also be leveraged including, Amazon API Gateway, Application Auto Scaling, AWS Certificate Manager (ACM), AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudFront, and more.

Additionally, organizations can replicate S3 buckets to multiple destinations, copy EC2 AMIs between regions, and set up cross-region Amazon Aurora Read Replicas.


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“With this launch we are making a long-term commitment to growing our business in Indonesia, and expect to create an average of 24,700 jobs annually over the next 15 years," said AWS in a blog post.

"This includes the direct AWS supply chain (construction, facility maintenance, electricity, and elecommunications) along with the growth that this drives in the broader Indonesian economy,”.