Master the multi-cloud with Global Fabric

BT's eBook on new Network as a Service models with pink image and text
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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations are increasingly shifting towards a cloud-first strategy. However, traditional site-to-site network architectures were not designed to seamlessly integrate with multi-cloud or multi-edge ecosystems. 

In many cases, the network is the bottleneck preventing organisations from achieving their cloud-first aspirations.

This eBook introduces BT's new Network as a Service (NaaS) platform: Global Fabric, built at the doorstep of the clouds using the latest hardware and software technology to redefine connectivity for modern global organisations.

This transformative platform empowers IT leaders to embrace their cloud centric future.

Global Fabric is a true end-to-end NaaS solution, from underlay, security to cloud connectivity, setting the stage for unparalleled efficiency, resilience, and success. 

With Global Fabric, you will:

  • Improve productivity by avoiding application downtime
  • Remove network friction
  • Maintain resilient connectivity as your organisation evolves
  • Get cloud and network cost visibility
  • Reduce cyber risk
  • Improve sustainability throughout your entire estate.

Download this eBook now and master the multi-cloud.

Provided by  BT


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