Syncplicity updates platform to address Safe Harbor changes

Cloud file transfer

Syncplicity has updated its file sync and share service to address changes in the law set out by the European Court of Justice's ruling that the previous Safe Harbor framework between the US and EU was invalid.

“While the recent EJC decisions have caused uncertainty for many companies and their cloud storage service providers, Syncplicity has long been an industry leader in providing a flexible architecture to meet data residency requirements,” said Brian W. Levine, Syncplicity senior director of security and compliance.

“These added options will ensure our customers meet data protection requirements while regulators in the U.S. and Europe work to sort out a new Safe Harbor framework, which could take the better part of a decade to be completely resolved.”

The company will now offer a European-based cloud storage option that would ensure countries operating in Europe can use its storage service as part of their hybrid set-up. Customers can choose which region they want to store their files in without having to change any other configurations or settings, making it a simple transition.

Additionally, Syncplicity has also revealed details of its European-based Cloud Orchestration Layer that allows companies to store confidential data in Europe, such as usernames, email addresses, and file names.

Although the majority of cloud providers have announced plans to open European datacentres for hosting, the US data centres will continue to serve as the centralised hubs, meaning they will need to implement some kind of bridge to avoid falling foul of the law. Syncplicity said its Cloud Orchestration Layer will overcome these issues by offering a completely localised solution.

Syncplicity has updated its cloud service agreement to reflect the changes it has made in order to comply with the law. It also sets out the company's methods for transferring data to third countries if need be.

“Syncplicity’s mission is to provide the most secure and easy-to-use enterprise file sync and share solution in the market, and with these updates, we’re reinforcing our commitment to our enterprise customers that are located outside the United States or have international operations,” said Syncplicity CEO Jonathan Huberman.

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