TeamQuest announces capacity management add-on for Azure

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TeamQuest has announced the introduction of its capacity management and application health capabilities for Microsoft Azure.

The software means organisations are able to monitor and measure the impact of their virtual services running on Microsoft's cloud and in-house infrastructure to help them get a better idea of how their hybrid environments are operating.

Not only will the platform give key insights into how a business is running, it will also allow the companies to make better decisions about the applications they choose to run in either - or both - environments for the ultimate in flexibility and capacity management.

“We’re simplifying hybrid cloud optimisation, helping IT better manage public cloud together with on-premise IT infrastructure using a single solution that’s compatible with nearly any organisation’s IT environment,” said TeamQuest chief technology officer Bill Andruss.

“TeamQuest is the front runner in comprehensive capacity management for the complex, heterogeneous virtual and cloud environments that are being built today. IT managers and specialists use our solution to make more accurate decisions that balance the performance, cost and risk in their IT infrastructure.”

TeamQuest is already available for Amazon EC2, but the addition of Microsoft Azure makes it a cross-platform solution for any company using one of the public cloud infrastructures.

Earlier today, it was announced that Taser was switching from AWS to Microsoft Azure to help it develop new solutions for its security software clients.

The company said: "By combining this expertise with Microsoft's intelligent cloud, device and data technologies, we will collectively bring to life not only the 'mobile precinct' approach for positive policing, but we'll do it within the highest of compliance standards of privacy and security around the globe."

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