Memset bags G-Cloud security badge

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Memset has become the second company to acquire a pan-government security accreditation through G-Cloud.

This comes nearly a month after IT infrastructure company SCC was named as the first successful applicant.

Memset gained Impact Level 2 (IL2) accreditation for its Miniserver VM virtual servers, which means it can now supply IL2 Cloud services to the public sector through the CloudStore.

The company is now working towards IL3 accreditation for all their services, including its cloud storage product, Memstore, as well as the company’s dedicated server solutions.

Kate Craig-Wood, managing director of Memset said the new 'badges' on the CloudStore website “will help bring much needed confidence to buyers who can see instantly which providers have been assessed by information assurance body CESG and approved to operate to a required level.”

The security accreditation has been introduced to simplify the processes that public bodies have to go through to check the standards of potential cloud services suppliers, making it easier for buyers to identify accredited providers.

The government has also been planning to halve the number of security levels from six to three to simplify the accreditation process further for cloud providers.

Memset has also clinched a contract with Estyn, the official body for inspecting education and training in Wales, to provide PaaS hosting up to Level 2 under the G-Cloud programme.

It was awarded the contract to host Welsh government agency Estyn’s Microsoft Sharepoint project. Memset will provide and maintain the infrastructure, initially consisting of 14 Miniserver VMs and two dedicated servers on monthly contracts, though the expectation is that the services will remain live for some years.

Keron McCormack from Estyn said the deal was not just about buying cloud services at the best price, but ensuring your provider offers SLAs on service delivery and has the ability to scale up to meet requirements in the future.

“Using the G-Cloud framework was a very straight forward decision and, via this new mechanism, Memset provided a competitive price and a good match to Estyn’s business requirements,” he said.

Rene Millman

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