IBM and Portico join forces on digital cloud services

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IBM and Portico Consultancy have teamed up to provide enterprises with a range of cloud solutions to transform their digital presence.

The IBM Digital Experience on Cloud user experience platform comprises the tools CMOs, CIOs and CHROs need to build, test and deploy applications to their organisations faster than using other technologies, IBM said.

The managed cloud platform enables organisations to analyse their audience's needs, whether customers, partners or employees across technologies including mobile platforms and IoT devices to deliver "compelling, socially aware, and omnichannel digital experiences."

Orgaisations can then use these insights to create the content and applications their end-users are demanding to leverage the company's position.

The IBM Digital Experience on Cloud runs on SoftLayer and comprises dedicated compute, storage and network infrastructures, with optional integration with IBM Digital Data Connector and script portlets.

"Our customers are telling us they need more functionality in digital experience software delivered in the cloud today," says Dennis Rot, founder and director of Portico Consultancy.

"Businesses want configurable software that integrates with existing IT infrastructure and new applications to power their consumer, partner and employee portals without having to worry about installation, configuration and maintenance. They want to change customer applications on the fly, and have them work on any platform, especially mobile."

Marie Wieck, general manager of IBM Software added: "The collaboration with Portico shows how companies can use an agile software environment in the cloud to better serve users, enter new markets and test-drive new ideas before taking them to customers."

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