Capgemini division plumps for IBM cloud platform

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Capgemini's Sogeti division has chosen IBM Bluemix as its platform of choice to help integrate Internet of Things (IoT) device management, collaboration and app programming.

The department's job is to test technology and software for sectors including retail, healthcare, transportation, energy and utilities for and on behalf of clients.

Capgemini said the platform will allow the company to centralise its IoT device database on the IBM Cloud and use analytics to uncover trends and patterns in the data. This in turn could help the company's clients work more efficiently, whether that's by saving energy or ramping up production using a certain piece of connected equipment.

To do this, it will use Sogeti's own Smart Engine and IBM's IoT service on Bluemix. Additionally, IBM Bluemix will allow teams around the world to collaborate with clients worldwide to build applications in real-time and, in doing so, helping speed up time-to-market for products and services.

The final reason Capgemini chose IBM was because it allows the company to access IBM's partner API marketplace to build more functional apps and scale them when needed globally without the need to introduce additional infrastructure, using IBM's data centres around the world.

"As cloud continues to transform how we collaborate and work with technology, many of our clients are looking to build more and more of their apps and systems with cloud," Andreas Sjöström, vice president and global head of digital at Sogeti said.

"However, many are still hesitating to make such a transition, due to requirements around data privacy, security and performance in the cloud. With Bluemix Dedicated, we are able to help address these concerns by offering dedicated servers and cloud data centers, while still offering the highly valuable benefits of a cloud infrastructure, such as accelerated business speed, collaboration and visibility," he added.

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