General Electric selects AWS as its app cloud provider

Cloud computing

General Electric has selected AWS to host more than 2,000 of its apps on the cloud platform, including those used by the company's GE Power, GE Aviation, GE Healthcare, GE Transportation, and GE Digital divisions.

Although many of these applications have moved to AWS since the firm started its digital transformation journey in 2014, the company has now chosen Amazon's cloud business to become its "preferred cloud provider", suggesting more applications will be migrated to the public cloud platform in future.

"Adopting a cloud-first strategy with AWS is helping our IT teams get out of the business of building and running data centers and refocus our resources on innovation as we undergo one of the largest and most important transformations in GE’s history,” said Chris Drumgoole, Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President at General Electric.

“We chose AWS as the preferred cloud provider for GE because AWS’s industry leading cloud services have allowed us to push the boundaries, think big, and deliver better outcomes for GE.”

AWS added that GE's drive to digitally transform its applications and services is something it's seeing regularly across industries and having a secure, scalable and flexible platform onto which to migrate critical elements of infrastructure is essential.

"Enterprises across industries are migrating to AWS in droves, and in the process are discovering the wealth of new opportunities that open up when they have the most comprehensive menu of cloud capabilities–which is growing daily–at their fingertips,” Mike Clayville, vice president of Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS said.

“GE has been at the forefront of cloud adoption, and we’ve been impressed with the pace, scope, and innovative approach they’ve taken in their journey to AWS. We are honored that GE has chosen AWS as their preferred cloud provider, and we’re looking forward to helping them as they continue their digital industrial transformation.”

Clare Hopping
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