HP Discover: HP pins hopes on simplified and unified cloud services

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HP announced a range of new cloud computing products at its annual user conference in Las Vegas, highlighting a single architecture that will allow organisations to run services across on-premise and public clouds.

The company, which is perhaps looking to come back from seemingly almost constant changes in leadership, has launched a number of additions to its Converged Cloud offerings. These include a hybrid cloud for the airline industry combined with a “vision of an ‘Intelligent Airline Cloud’, delivering integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms”.

It has extended the “cloud bursting” capabilities of its CloudSystem IaaS service with instant access to additional capacity through HP Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services and Savvis.

“Successful organisations need to be able to select the right delivery model for their technology needs whether it be in the cloud or on premise,” said Bill Veghte, chief operating officer at HP.

“HP’s Converged Cloud approach provides enterprises choice in delivery model and platform with the confidence in the service delivered via market leading products, coupled with a consistent architecture and experience,” he added.

HP’s cloud is based on open source cloud project OpenStack. With CloudSystem, organisations can manage workload demands and move them to a public or private cloud infrastructure as and when needed.

The company also announced its new HP CloudSystem Matrix software. This orchestration layer provides a graphical user interface for server admins to set up, deploy and manage cloud workloads.

The conference also saw the launch of a new version of HP's Cloud Service Automation. This self-service portal offers customers greater agility and decreased costs when brokering and managing application and infrastructure services on HP CloudSystem-based solutions or third-party environments, the company claimed.

There are also new HP Cloud Planning Services to help clients define their hybrid delivery options and advance the planning and analysis phases of cloud deployments. HP Datacenter Care offers clients customised support relationship through a single point of contact to deploy, help operate and evolve client data centres as they move from traditional data centres to a converged cloud model.

As well as the CloudSystem releases, HP has improved its operations management software, HP Application Performance Management, to manage cloud services performance. The company has also upgraded its HP Diagnostics, HP Real User Monitor, HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Performance Centre and HP SiteScope products.

HP also detailed new certifications linked to building and managing clouds. These include the HP Accredited Technical Professional for the cloud administrator and the HP Accredited Solution Expert for the cloud integrator.

These certificates, according to HP, will be “ instrumental in enabling enterprises to transform from product-centric IT to unified service-centric IT that is open, secure, agile and consistent across cloud and traditional IT services.”

Rene Millman

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