Citrix adds Concierge and Seeit to GoToAssist line

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Citrix has launched two new additions to its GoToAssist product line that will allow for real-time communication between users and customer service departments.

Concierge it a mobile app that enables customers to contact customer services in real time, using video, audio or chat. The benefits to business are that it reduces the amount of time it takes to route customer service calls to the right person, improving customer experience.

A customer service representative can co-browse the app the customer is experiencing issues with and draw on the device's screen to illustrate fixes as required. The customer can also see where the expert is tapping to ensure they completely understand how to fix the problem.

Seeit takes away the need for face-to-face visits, with customers able to share their mobile device camera footage with customer service experts along with communication to help resolve issues on the fly.

The application also supports the addition of annnotations on paused screens, giving the customer something to refer back to if they come across the same problem in future

Additionally, Citrix Seeit can be integrated into a company's existing support system with APIs, meaning employees can handle customer service issues in a familiar environment.

The company said it will help eradicate misunderstandings commonly experienced on voice-only calls, helping the customer service representative actually see the issue in real time, meaning they are able to handle the problem more effectively. This in turn will boost customer satisfaction and therefore retention.

"As organisations transition to mobile, the ability for users to receive smart, fast and quality troubleshooting support is still very challenging," Rouven Mayer, senior manager at Citrix said. "Citrix Concierge and GoToAssist Seeit empower organizations to take their service support to the next level with personalized customer interactions through video, camera and chat. The result is faster resolution times and happier customers."

Earlier today, it was announced that Citrix may need to sell off some of its assets if it can't find a buyer for the entire company.

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