Microsoft releases Windows 8 Yammer feed app

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Microsoft has released a new version of its Yammer Feed app, giving users of its latest operating system, Windows 8, the opportunity to collaborate and respond to messages faster, the company claims.

The app was released during the last week of June 2013 without fanfare as the company focused instead on promoting its SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS, as well as a Bing Maps app for the public preview of Windows 8.1.

According to Microsoft, “Yammer Feed for Windows 8 is designed for the new Windows 8 Experience and is optimised for touch devices.

“Features [include] easy access to conversations happening across your company,” as well as the ability to post project updates, questions and ideas, and like and respond to messages.

The news comes just months after Microsoft, which acquired Yammer in 2012, announced it would be folding the sales team from the enterprise social network into its Office 265 sales team.

The company laid our laid out a roadmap in 2012 outlining how it would be integrating Yammer into its business in a way that it could co-exist with its SharePoint and Office 365 offerings.

The roadmap was updated on the anniversary of Yammer’s acquisition by Microsoft in June 2013, with David Sacks, Yammer’s co-founder and corporate VP of Microsoft’s Office Division saying “The continued boom in Yammer’s growth is validation that enterprise social represents an important trend in the way people want to share, learn and connect at work ...

“We see nothing but continued potential in enterprise social as a cornerstone of the future of work.”

The Yammer Feed app for Windows 8 is available immediately through the Windows Store. The SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS are available from the Windows Store and Apple Store respectively for SharePoint Online users in Office 365.